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Revolutionary Biosilver

The heart of Cien Purifiers. Types of revolutionary Bio-Silver Cartridges.

SterasyITM Bio-Silver Cartridge

The microscopic pores of the siIver-impregnated ceramic filter element make Sterasyl Cartridge an extremely efficient medium for the removal of germs and harmful bacteria, minute matter and fine sediment from water. This special ceramic gives you an added benefit of being cleanable and re-usable.

Super SterasyITM Bio-Silver Cartridge

Super SterasyITM  is one of the latest technological advances of ceramic filtration. It contains activated carbon filling, which removes chemical & organic compounds from water, thereby improving its taste. The activated carbon filling is relatively economical and good for moderate case of chlorination and odour or bad taste in water.

SupercarbTM Bio-Silver Cartridge

SupercarbTM is a two-stage cartridge. lt combines the highly efficient filtration properties of ceramic cartridges and the enhanced water treatment properties of activated carbon blocks. The carbon block is a far more effective medium than carbon granules as it does not allow channelling and gives more adsorption efficiency to the filtration process.

The unique carbon core of SupercarbTM is capable of removing chlorine as well as other unpleasant taste and odours with very high efficiency. This cartridge is good for water with high chlorination and/or incidence of bad smell or taste.

UltracarbTM Bio-Silver Cartridge

UltracarbTM is a three-stage cartridge combining the dual qualities of SupercarbTM With heavy metal reduction capabilities. The ion exchange resin in  UltracarbTM Reduces lead and other heavy metals from water. This cartridge is highly Recommended for homes with eroding old water pipelines.


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